Monday, February 09, 2009

Prayer please!!

Ok people, I need some major prayers right now. I need a show of hands who can help with prayer chains!

First: My friend Michelle and her daughter Lindsay need major prayers. Lindsay went in for surgery today at 11:30 for a shunt. It was supposed to be a 6/7 hour surgery, but at 2:22 pm I had gotten a text from her that the surgery was aborted. Something happened and they had to get her out of surgery. So that' not good!

Second: My girlfriend Molly's little girl Marin is going in for kidney surgery tomorrow (at the same hospital Michelle's Lindsay is at)

Third - For my girlfriend Jen who's little boy Jake has just been diagnosed with Chiari. He has a syrinx and a 15 mm herniation. He will most likely be having his decompression surgery before the end of the month.

Thanks for all you help!

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